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The key to a low carbon footprint is to reduce as much as you can, and then compensate for the carbon footprint you simply can't avoid by supporting impactful climate solutions.

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Find plenty of tips and tricks on how to live a low-carbon lifestyle. The smaller your footprint, the less carbon there is to address!

Address your footprint

Choose to support vetted, high-quality climate solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to compensate for your unavoidable footprint.

Monitor your positive impact

Engage with the project's you're supporting, track and learn about your positive impact, and get badges to celebrate. Get your friends involved with gift cards and shareable certificates.


People in more than 70 countries use MyCHOOOSE to manage their unavoidable
carbon footprints and support climate projects which align with their passions and values.

"My job and passion involves a lot of travelling around the world, so I'm very happy to be working with CHOOOSE to help our one and only mother Earth."

–girl in red
Norwegian singer-songwriter

"Partnering with CHOOOSE is a way for me to take responsibility for my touring, and create a positive impact from doing what I love."

–Astrid S
Norwegian singer-songwriter

"We're so pumped to be partnering with CHOOOSE to offset our carbon footprint on tour and continue to navigate the environmental reality we all live in."

First US band to be verified by the UNFCCC

Projects that protect people and planet

MyCHOOOSE features updated access to diverse climate projects you can choose from to support. Simply pick the project that's right for you and begin your climate journey!

Nature-based solutions

Nature has a time-tested ability to absorb and store carbon within the natural carbon cycle. Nature-based solutions include projects focused on reforestation and afforestation.

Community projects

Help to address carbon emissions while supporting local communities through solutions like improved cooking technology, improved access to water, and economic development.

Renewable energy

The transition from fossil-based energy production to renewable needs acceleration, and you can support projects that verifiably reduce and offset emissions through clean energy alternatives.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

SAF is a clean substitute for fossil fuel produced from sustainable resources. Compared to fossil fuel, SAF can reduce your travel related carbon emissions by 80% and more.

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With MyCHOOOSE you can easily measure, reduce, and manage your carbon footprint, understand and engage with your positive impact, and get closer to the projects you are supporting.

It's free to sign up: you only pay for the positive impact you decide to create.

Not looking for an individual solution?
Learn more about our other products for customer-facing companies:

WeCHOOOSE is an out-of-the-box portal enabling organizations to measure, reduce, and manage emissions for specific business operations. Get free access to the leading carbon management platform for companies of all sizes.

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is the trusted carbon partner of some of the world’s largest companies, including British Airways, Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Southwest, Santander,,, Finnair, Lonely Planet, and LATAM, among others. For more info, reach out to us at, or visit

Climate action for everyone.


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